The Maintainer "Contract"

The principles behind SVN permissions are:

Keep the code style broadly similar to the style of the main body of code. The style will probably not be to your perfect ideal taste but then, unless you wrote it in the first place it won't be. Predictability is more important than some small style issue, so please make it look similar.

If you want to make any significant changes to an area not maintained by you then please make sure that the maintainer of that area understands why and agrees.

If someone proposes a change to your area, please give quick and reasonable consideration to the changes.

Maintainers should have signed a contributors license agreement (CLA). This is standard practice in open source software development. Having signed a CLA does not indicate a transfer of copyright, but only a declaration that developers have the right to contribute software to DWR. The CLA comes in 2 forms, one for corporate use (the CCLA), and one for individual use (the ICLA).

Maintainers should have an account in DWR's bug tracking system, so issues can be assigned to them.

Check-ins should note an issue number that they are 'fixing' where possible. This is not a hard requirement because good code is more important than traceability, however the traceability is good where is doesn't waste time.

Where possible, maintainers should be subscribed to the developer mailing list.

Retired Maintainers

We will still be chasing retired maintainers for CLAs, to ensure that all DWR code is clearly and unambiguously open source.