Contributors Licence Agreement

If you are submitting your own code, to DWR, then you need to sign a CLA.

The purpose of a CLA is to ensure that we have the necessary rights over all contributions to allow us to distribute DWR according to the Apache licence. Many projects ask you to sign over copyright in order to do this, but we don't. We do however need a statement that we are allowed to distribute the source to DWR.

DWR joined the Dojo Foundation in 2007, and since then, they have been handling legal matters for us, including managing CLAs. As a result of this rather than signing the Getahead ICLA, we now request use of the Dojo Foundation CLA. Since both were based on the Apache ICLA, there is very little change.

The Dojo Foundation can accept fax, mail, or email a scans of the signed document.

Processing note: If you send a scanned CLA to the Dojo Foundation, then please copy [david at butterdev dot com]. That way we know to which foundation project the CLA is primarily aimed at.