Browser Support

We would like help testing all browsers, so if you can provide more information on any of the browsers listed below, or on ones that are not, please join DWR users mailing list.


Version Status
1.0 and up Supported: no known issues
0.7 Very few people use version prior to 1.0 so although we believe that DWR has worked since version 0.7 we have no plans to begin testing with versions prior to 1.0

Internet Explorer

Version Status
6.0 and up (Win) Supported: no known issues
5.5 (Win) Believed to be working properly, but we could do with more help testing.
5.0.2 (Win) Partly supported by DWR 1.0 and 1.1 (however there are reports of messages getting lost) but not supported by DWR 2.0 and up
5.2 (OSX) Broken (and DWR doesn't work on it either ;-). No current plans to support IE on the Mac.


Version Status
8.0 and up (Win) Supported and mostly working fine, there is one very minor issue on PC with strings containing nulls. You will probably be unaffected by this unless you are doing something very strange.
7.5.4 (Win) Supported. See results for Opera 8.0
6.0.6 (Win) Not supported. DWR is believed to fail in Opera 6.
8.0 (OSX) Testing required.


Version Status
1.3 and up (OSX) Supported. No known issues.
1.2 (OSX) Supported. See results for 1.3, although more testing is required.
1.1 (OSX) Unknown
1.0.3 (OSX) DWR does not work with Safari 1.0.