Documentation Index

On this site, there are a number of documents to help you get started with DWR:

Outside of this site there is a growing collection of tutorials from around the web.

Configuring the Server

There are various different ways to configure DWR depending on how you like to work:

Reverse Ajax in DWR 2.0 needs careful configuration to work around the various network problems that can arise. Reverse Ajax is Comet + Polling + Piggyback. See the reverse ajax documentation for more details.

DWR integrates with many external libraries like Struts, JSF, Webwork, Rife and so on. See the section on integration for more details.

Scripting the Browser

The scripting introduction gets you started with how to write JavaScript code to call your Java code. DWR comes with some small JavaScript libraries to help you:

DWR is not a generic JavaScript library so we try to steer clear of functions that are not specific to remoting functionality, however there are a few functions that sneak into util.js to make life a lot easier.

It is common to need to pass extra data to callback methods and there is also a reference to how to handle errors too.