Download DWR

The following download packages are available. If you are just getting started with DWR, the JAR download is probably the best place to start. See the Getting Started Guide for instructions as to what to do with these downloads.

If you are upgrading from a previous version of DWR then you should read the upgrading instructions.

Stable Release: Version 3 (3.0.2)

Download Version 3.0.2 Notes
JAR File: dwr.jar (839kb) To DWR enable your web-app
WAR File (DWR Demo application): dwrdemo.war (2.4Mb) Demos/Examples of what DWR can do
Sources: dwr-src.jar (822kb) See also the sources from SVN
Non-CLA JAR: dwr-noncla.jar (18.2kb) Code that we don't have a CLA for


Our latest release is in Maven Central:


You may also download the latest development Snapshots from Sonatype's OSS repository. Below is a pom snippet for pulling in the 3.0.0 development snapshot from Sonatype's OSS repository.


    <!-- Optional non-CLA components see DWR documentation for details -->

      <!-- Please consider setting up your own on-site repository proxy such as with Nexus and pointing the url element below at that instead -->
      <name>OSS Sonatype Snapshots Repository</name>

Continuous Integration Builds - Bamboo

You may also access our continuous integration builds on our Bamboo server which contain the latest code from our development repository.