Package org.directwebremoting.datasync

Interface Summary
AttributeValueExtractor There are many ways to get a property from things, the most obvious would be reflection or introspection or using Map.get(java.lang.Object).
ComparatorFactory<T> We need a way to get a comparator for a given property of a given type.
StoreProvider<T> A StoreProvider is something like a Map where the API revolves around getting blocks of entries rather than individual entries and it gives you the ability to subscribe to those blocks of data to ask for change updates.
StoreProviderFactory<X,Y> The PerXStoreProviders (like PerHttpSessionStoreProvider and PerScriptSessionStoreProvider) need a way to create StoreProviders for a given Y (in the above example Y is either HttpSession or ScriptSession).

Class Summary
AbstractPerXStoreProvider<T> A raw StoreProvider works on a global basis, so all users share the same data.
AbstractStoreProvider<T> Some methods to help implementors create StoreProviders.
DefaultComparatorFactory<T> A ComparatorFactory that assumes that
Directory A way to find StoreProviders that people wish to expose to the outside world.
MapStoreProvider<T> A simple implementation of StoreProvider that uses a Map.
PerHttpSessionStoreProvider<T> A StoreProvider that allows us to have a number of StoreProviders for each HttpSession.
PerScriptSessionStoreProvider<T> A StoreProvider that allows us to have a number of StoreProviders for each ScriptSession.
PojoAttributeValueExtractor An AttributeValueExtractor that simply calls LocalUtil.getProperty(java.lang.Object, java.lang.String, java.lang.Class) to extract attribute values.
SortCriteriaComparator<T> A Comparator that uses a list of SortCriterion to decide how to sort the beans.

Annotation Types Summary
ExposeToString A marker interface to indicate that Object.toString() does not have any information in it that you don't want to be exposed to the Internet.

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