Interface Alarm

All Known Implementing Classes:
BaseScriptConduit, Html4kScriptConduit, HtmlScriptConduit, OutputAlarm, PlainScriptConduit, ShutdownAlarm, TimedAlarm

public interface Alarm

An alarm is something that goes off at some point in the future. Alarms must be constructed with a Sleeper so they can act to tell the Sleeper to awake (or not to sleep) at any time until cancel() is called. The alarm should not 'go off' after cancel() has been called, however, Sleepers should still protect themselves from late calls to Sleeper.wakeUp().

Joe Walker [joe at getahead dot ltd dot uk]

Method Summary
 void cancel()
          Prevent further calls to Sleeper.wakeUp().

Method Detail


void cancel()
Prevent further calls to Sleeper.wakeUp(). See the note about late calls above.

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