Uses of Interface

Packages that use Configurator
org.directwebremoting.annotations Provides annotations support for DWR. 
org.directwebremoting.guice This package provides support for Guice dependency injection in DWR-based web applications. 

Uses of Configurator in org.directwebremoting.annotations

Classes in org.directwebremoting.annotations that implement Configurator
 class AnnotationsConfigurator
          A Configurator that works off Annotations.

Uses of Configurator in org.directwebremoting.fluent

Classes in org.directwebremoting.fluent that implement Configurator
 class FluentConfigurator
          A Configurator that used the FluentInterface style as described by Martin Fowler.

Uses of Configurator in org.directwebremoting.guice

Classes in org.directwebremoting.guice that implement Configurator
 class InternalConfigurator
          Delegates to an injected configurator.

Uses of Configurator in org.directwebremoting.impl

Classes in org.directwebremoting.impl that implement Configurator
 class DwrXmlConfigurator
          A configurator that gets its configuration by reading a dwr.xml file.

Method parameters in org.directwebremoting.impl with type arguments of type Configurator
static void StartupUtil.configure(Container container, java.util.List<Configurator> configurators)
          Allow all the configurators to have a go at the container in turn

Uses of Configurator in org.directwebremoting.spring

Classes in org.directwebremoting.spring that implement Configurator
 class SpringConfigurator

Method parameters in org.directwebremoting.spring with type arguments of type Configurator
 void DwrSpringServlet.setConfigurators(java.util.List<Configurator> configurators)
          Setter for use by the Spring IoC container to tell us what Configurators exist for us to configure ourselves.
 void DwrController.setConfigurators(java.util.List<Configurator> configurators)
          Sets the configurators to apply to this controller.

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