Uses of Interface

Packages that use Creator
org.directwebremoting.extend This 'extend' package contains many of the classes that are interesting to very advanced DWR users, and people embedding or extending DWR. 
org.directwebremoting.guice This package provides support for Guice dependency injection in DWR-based web applications. 

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.beehive

Classes in org.directwebremoting.beehive that implement Creator
 class PageFlowCreator
          Page Flow Creator The name Creator is a little misleading in that implies that a PageFlow is being created.

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.create

Classes in org.directwebremoting.create that implement Creator
 class Ejb3Creator
          A Creator that works against EJB3 beans
 class NewCreator
          A creator that simply uses the default constructor each time it is called.
 class NullCreator
          A creator that simply uses the default constructor each time it is called.
 class ScriptedCreator
          A creator that uses BeanShell to evaluate some script to create an object.
 class StaticCreator
          A creator that attempts to grab an instance of a static/singleton class.

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.extend

Classes in org.directwebremoting.extend that implement Creator
 class AbstractCreator
          A simple implementation of the basic parts of Creator

Methods in org.directwebremoting.extend that return Creator
 Creator CreatorManager.getCreator(java.lang.String scriptName, boolean includeHidden)
          Find an Creator by name

Methods in org.directwebremoting.extend with parameters of type Creator
 void CreatorManager.addCreator(Creator creator)
          Add a new creator.

Method parameters in org.directwebremoting.extend with type arguments of type Creator
 void CreatorManager.setCreators(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,Creator> creators)
          Sets the creators for this creator manager.

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.faces

Classes in org.directwebremoting.faces that implement Creator
 class JsfCreator
          This is a DWR creator implementation, to allow dwr beans to be allocated into JSF scopes and into jeffs3 specific scope (i.e.

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.guice

Classes in org.directwebremoting.guice that implement Creator
 class GuiceCreator
          A creator that uses Guice dependency injection to create remoted objects.

Methods in org.directwebremoting.guice that return Creator
 Creator InternalCreatorManager.getCreator(java.lang.String scriptName, boolean includesHidden)

Methods in org.directwebremoting.guice with parameters of type Creator
 void InternalCreatorManager.addCreator(Creator creator)

Method parameters in org.directwebremoting.guice with type arguments of type Creator
 void InternalCreatorManager.setCreators(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,Creator> creators)

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.impl

Methods in org.directwebremoting.impl that return Creator
 Creator DefaultCreatorManager.getCreator(java.lang.String scriptName, boolean includeHidden)

Methods in org.directwebremoting.impl with parameters of type Creator
 void DefaultCreatorManager.addCreator(Creator creator)

Method parameters in org.directwebremoting.impl with type arguments of type Creator
 void DefaultCreatorManager.setCreators(java.util.Map<java.lang.String,Creator> creators)

Constructors in org.directwebremoting.impl with parameters of type Creator
CreatorModule(Creator creator, AjaxFilterManager ajaxFilterManager, AccessControl accessControl, boolean allowImpossibleTests, java.lang.String accessLogLevel, boolean debug)

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.jaxer.impl

Methods in org.directwebremoting.jaxer.impl that return Creator
 Creator WideOpenCreatorManager.getCreator(java.lang.String scriptName, boolean includeHidden)

Uses of Creator in org.directwebremoting.spring

Classes in org.directwebremoting.spring that implement Creator
 class BeanCreator
          A creator that proxies to the specified bean.
 class SpringCreator
          A creator that relies on a spring bean factory.

Methods in org.directwebremoting.spring that return Creator
 Creator CreatorConfig.getCreator()
          The creator that will be used to create new objects for remoting

Methods in org.directwebremoting.spring with parameters of type Creator
 void CreatorConfig.setCreator(Creator creator)
          The creator type that will be used to create new objects for remoting

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