Package org.directwebremoting.guice.util

This package provides Guice enhancements that are independent of DWR.


Interface Summary
ContextCloseHandler<T> Called for each instance in a context when the context is closed.
ContextRegistry<C,R> Manages instances for a context.
ContextScope<C> A scope that looks up providers in a current context, using itself as a provider for the context.
InstanceMap<T> A specialization of ConcurrentMap with keys of type Key<T> and values of type InstanceProvider<T>.
InstanceProvider<T> Marker interface for ContextRegistry implementations to recognize registered instance providers.
MethodInterceptorWrapper A way to wrap MethodInterceptors with extra functionality.
Providers.BindingProvider<T> For fluent-style decoration with one or more method bindings when using Providers.fromConstructor(Class, Key...).

Class Summary
AbstractContextCloseHandler<T> A partially implemented handler for objects contained in contexts that are closing.
AbstractContextScope<C,R> Partial implementation of ContextScope.
AbstractMapContextScope<C> A specialization of AbstractContextScope using a concurrent map to hold registered instance providers.
AbstractModule An extension of Guice's AbstractModule that provides support for member injection of objects created before injector creation, including AbstractModule itself and MethodInterceptor instances constructed at bind-time.
AbstractSimpleContextScope<C> A specialization of AbstractContextScope for the case when the context identifier itself can serve as a string-keyed instance registry using synchronization on the context to provide atomic put-if-absent and remove-specific-value behavior.
DeclaredBy For matching methods declared by a given interface or superclass.
Numbers Produces a Numbered instance for a given value.
OutermostCallInterceptor Provides static decorator method for restricting interception to the outermost of several nested matching join points.
Providers Utilities for creating ad hoc providers.

Exception Summary
OutOfScopeException Thrown by Providers returned by scope(Key, Provider) when they cannot locate a resource needed to resolve a key.

Annotation Types Summary
Numbered Analogous to Guice's Named annotation, with long instead of String value.

Package org.directwebremoting.guice.util Description

This package provides Guice enhancements that are independent of DWR. This documentation assumes you already understand Guice concepts.

Tim Peierls [tim at peierls dot net]

Copyright 2008