Package org.directwebremoting.impl

Class Summary
AbstractContainer An implementation of some of the simpler methods from Container This class has nothing whatsoever to do with ContainerAbstraction.
AbstractServerLoadMonitor A base implementation of ServerLoadMonitor that implements waiting functionality, mostly to provide ServletContextListener.contextDestroyed(javax.servlet.ServletContextEvent)
AutoShutdownScheduledThreadPoolExecutor Just a standard ScheduledThreadPoolExecutor with a single default thread in the pool (we're not doing heavy scheduling) that is also a ServletContextListener so the Container can shut us down.
ContainerMap A Map that uses a Container as it's source of data.
CreatorModule An adapter module for Creators.
CreatorModuleManager An adapter ModuleManager for Creators
DefaultAccessControl Control who should be accessing which methods on which classes.
DefaultAjaxFilterManager The default implementation of AjaxFilterManager
DefaultBuilder<T> A Builder that creates DefaultHubs.
DefaultCallbackHelper The default implementation of CallbackHelper
DefaultCallbackHelperBuilder A Builder that creates DefaultCallbackHelpers.
DefaultContainer DefaultContainer is like a mini-IoC container for DWR.
DefaultConverterManager A class to manage the converter types and the instantiated class name matches.
DefaultCreatorManager A class to manage the types of creators and the instantiated creators.
DefaultDebugPageGenerator A default implementation of TestPageGenerator
DefaultHub DWR's default implementation of Hub
DefaultHubBuilder A Builder that creates DefaultHubs.
DefaultPageNormalizer The default implementation of PageNormalizer attempts to read from WEB-INF/web.xml to find a welcome-files element, and uses a default of removing "index.html" and "index.jsp" if this procedure fails.
DefaultRemoter An implementation of Remoter that delegates requests to a set of Modules
DefaultScriptSession An implementation of ScriptSession and RealScriptSession.
DefaultScriptSessionManager A default implementation of ScriptSessionManager.
DefaultSecureIdGenerator An id generator that generates secure (non-predictable) random strings that are guaranteed to be unique for eternity within the scope of the running server, as long as the real-time clock is not adjusted backwards.
DefaultServerContext The Default implementation of ServerContext
DefaultServerContextBuilder A ServerContextBuilder that creates DefaultServerContexts.
DefaultServerLoadMonitor A smart implementation of ServerLoadMonitor.
DefaultTaskDispatcher Default single node implementation of TaskDispatcher
DefaultTaskDispatcherBuilder A Builder that creates DefaultTaskDispatchers.
DefaultWebContext A default implementation of WebContext.
DefaultWebContextBuilder A WebContextBuilder that creates DefaultWebContexts.
DTDEntityResolver We want to read the config files in validating mode, and keep the DTD within the dwr.jar file so we need to be able to help the parser find the DTD.
DwrXmlConfigurator A configurator that gets its configuration by reading a dwr.xml file.
FileStoreDownloadManager A DownloadManager that stores the files on disk.
InMemoryDownloadManager A DownloadManager that simply stores the links in-memory.
LegacyCompressor An implementation of Compressor that does nothing.
MasterModuleManager A ModuleManager that delegates to customModuleManager and fallbackModuleManager.
NullCompressor An implementation of Compressor that does nothing.
OutputAlarm An Alarm that goes off whenever output happens on a ScriptSession.
PollingServerLoadMonitor A default implementation of ServerLoadMonitor
PurgingDownloadManager A DownloadManager that simply stores downloads in memory until they are requested and then removes them.
ShrinkSafeCompressor JavaScript Compression Implementation using Dojo ShrinkSafe.
ShutdownAlarm An Alarm that allows the system to close all connections when it is shutting down.
SignatureParser A parser for type info in a dwr.xml signature.
SmallSiteServerLoadMonitor A default implementation of ServerLoadMonitor
StartupUtil Some utilities to help get DWR up and running
ThreadDroppingServerLoadMonitor A smart implementation of ServerLoadMonitor, customized for Jetty.
ThreadWaitSleeper The simplest type of Sleeper that just uses Object.wait() and Object.notify() to halt a Thread and restart it.
TimedAlarm An Alarm that goes off after a certain length of time.
TransientScriptSession An implementation of ScriptSession and RealScriptSession.
TransientScriptSessionManager A default implementation of ScriptSessionManager.
YahooJSCompressor JavaScript Compression Implementation using the YUI Compressor.

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