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Uses of StoreRegion in org.directwebremoting.datasync

Methods in org.directwebremoting.datasync with parameters of type StoreRegion
 MatchedItems StoreProvider.viewRegion(StoreRegion region)
          Extract the data referred to by the given region.
 MatchedItems MapStoreProvider.viewRegion(StoreRegion region)
 MatchedItems AbstractPerXStoreProvider.viewRegion(StoreRegion region)
 MatchedItems StoreProvider.viewRegion(StoreRegion region, StoreChangeListener<T> listener)
          Extract the data referred to by the given region, and request to stay updated to changes in the region.
 MatchedItems MapStoreProvider.viewRegion(StoreRegion region, StoreChangeListener<T> listener)
 MatchedItems AbstractPerXStoreProvider.viewRegion(StoreRegion region, StoreChangeListener<T> listener)

Uses of StoreRegion in org.directwebremoting.export

Methods in org.directwebremoting.export with parameters of type StoreRegion
 MatchedItems Data.viewRegion(java.lang.String storeId, StoreRegion region, StoreChangeListener<java.lang.Object> listener)
          Notes that there is a region of a page that wishes to subscribe to server side data, and registers a callback function to receive the data.

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