Class WideOpenCreatorManager

  extended by org.directwebremoting.impl.DefaultCreatorManager
      extended by org.directwebremoting.jaxer.impl.WideOpenCreatorManager
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public class WideOpenCreatorManager
extends DefaultCreatorManager

This is a modification of DefaultCreatorManager that attempts to do a second round of configuration to allow direct access to any classes in the system using a script name something like: creator/com/example/ClassName

WARNING: This class fundamentally breaks the DWR promise of "we won't touch any of your code without your express permission". You should only configure this class if you fully understand the implications of doing so.

This class was created to allow remoting between Jaxer and DWR for scripts marked runat="server". This should ensure that the exported classes are not available to the outside world.

Joe Walker [joe at getahead dot ltd dot uk]

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Creator getCreator(java.lang.String scriptName, boolean includeHidden)
          Find an Creator by name
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Constructor Detail


public WideOpenCreatorManager()
Method Detail


public Creator getCreator(java.lang.String scriptName,
                          boolean includeHidden)
                   throws java.lang.SecurityException
Description copied from interface: CreatorManager
Find an Creator by name

Specified by:
getCreator in interface CreatorManager
getCreator in class DefaultCreatorManager
scriptName - The name of the creator to Javascript
includeHidden - Should we include hidden classes?
The found Creator instance, or null if none was found.
java.lang.SecurityException - If the Creator is not known

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