Package org.directwebremoting.jms

Class Summary
BlockingMessageListener A MessageListener especially for DwrMessageConsumer that enables us to block waiting for a message.
DwrConnection An implementation of Connection for DWR
DwrConnectionFactory An implementation of ConnectionFactory for DWR
DwrConnectionMetaData An implementation of ConnectionMetaData that uses DWR meta-data.
DwrDestination An implementation of Destination for DWR.
DwrMessage An implementation of all the Message types rolled into one.
DwrMessageConsumer A MessageConsumer for DWR
DwrMessageProducer An implementation of MessageProducer that sends messages out over Reverse Ajax to a client side hub
DwrSession An implementation of Session for DWR
DwrTopic A Topic for DWR
Unsupported This class tracks the parts of the JMS spec that DWR to not support.

Enum Summary
State The available states of this some resource

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