Class GrizzlyContinuationSleeper

  extended by org.directwebremoting.server.grizzly.GrizzlyContinuationSleeper
All Implemented Interfaces:, Sleeper

public class GrizzlyContinuationSleeper
extends java.lang.Object
implements Sleeper

A Sleeper that works with Grizzly Continuations

Tim Peierls [tim at peierls dot net]
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Constructor Summary
GrizzlyContinuationSleeper(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
Method Summary
 void goToSleep(java.lang.Runnable awakening)
          'halt' the current execution in some way.
 void wakeUp()
          This method should attempt to resume the execution.
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Constructor Detail


public GrizzlyContinuationSleeper(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest request)
request - The request into which we store this as an attribute
Method Detail


public void goToSleep(java.lang.Runnable awakening)
Description copied from interface: Sleeper
'halt' the current execution in some way. This method should be the last meaningful thing that is done on a request, and work that needs to be done before completion should be done in a Runnable so the system can schedule it at an appropriate time.

Specified by:
goToSleep in interface Sleeper
awakening - The action to take when Sleeper.wakeUp() is called


public void wakeUp()
Description copied from interface: Sleeper
This method should attempt to resume the execution. It is possible that this method will be called more than once at the same time so Sleepers should be prepared take steps to be woken only once.

Specified by:
wakeUp in interface Sleeper

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