Package org.directwebremoting.spring.namespace

Class Summary
AnnotationConfigParser Creates a post-processor that will scan the context for candidate beans (<dwr:annotation-config />).
AnnotationScannerParser Register a new bean definition and a proxy for each class that is annotated with RemoteProxy and is detected scanning the base-package directory.
ConfigurationParser Parses a <dwr:configuration> tag and all its children.
ControllerParser Handles <dwr:controller> tag.
ConverterDecorator Handles <convert> tag.
FilterDecorator Handles <dwr:filter/> nested tags.
FilterParserHelper Convenience methods to help parse a <filter> tag.
InitDecorator Handler for <dwr:init> tags inside <dwr:configuration> tags.
NamespaceParserHelper Convenience methods to find things in context while parsing DWR namespace.
ProxyParser Creates a proxy for a bean usually defined in another Spring context and referenced using <dwr:proxy-ref />
UrlMappingParser Converts <dwr:url-mapping /> tag in the adequate DwrHandlerMapping bean definition.

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