Package org.directwebremoting.util

Interface Summary
Loggers A collection of standard log destinations
LoggingOutput We don't want to force users to use commons-logging, but there are no logging APIs available at 1.3 so this lets us use Servlet.log if commons-logging is not available.
MimeConstants Various constants from generating output.

Class Summary
Base64 This class provides encode/decode for RFC 2045 Base64 as defined by RFC 2045, N.
BrowserDetect Various functions to do with working out what is at the other end of the wire, and what it can do.
ClasspathScanner ClasspathScanner enables you to find the set of classes that match some package name.
CommonsLoggingOutput This class is intended to be used by Logger when commons-logging is available, but to not force Logger itself to depend on commons-logging so Logger can catch the ClassDefNotFoundError and use other methods.
CompareUtil Some utilities for comparing objects that could be null
Continuation A wrapper around Jetty and Grizzly Ajax Continuations
CopyUtils This class provides static utility methods for buffered copying between sources (InputStream, Reader, String and byte[]) and destinations (OutputStream, Writer, String and byte[]).
DebuggingPrintWriter A PrintWriter that also sends its output to a log stream
DelegatingServletInputStream Delegating implementation of ServletInputStream.
DelegatingServletOutputStream Delegating implementation of ServletOutputStream.
DomUtil Various utilities to make up for the fact that DOM isn't as useful as it could be.
EmptyEntityResolver An EntityResolver for use when you don't want to do any entity resolving.
FakeHttpServletRequest For the benefit of anyone that wants to create a fake HttpServletRequest that doesn't do anything other than not be null.
FakeHttpServletResponse Mock implementation of the HttpServletResponse interface.
FakeHttpSession For the benefit of anyone that wants to create a fake HttpSession that doesn't do anything other than not be null.
FakeRequestDispatcher Mock implementation of the RequestDispatcher interface.
FakeServletConfig A fake implementation of ServletConfig for cases (Like inside Spring) when you don't have a real one, or when you want to modify the initParameters provided by the real ServletConfig
FakeServletContext Fake implementation of the ServletContext interface.
HitMonitor We need a way to record how heavily used the server is, and adjust our behavior to reduce the load on the server.
JavascriptUtil Various Javascript code utilities.
LocalUtil Various utilities, stuff that we're still surprised isn't in the JDK, and stuff that perhaps is borderline JDK material, but isn't really pure DWR either.
LogErrorHandler An ErrorHandler that writes to the Log class
Logger A very quick and dirty logging implementation.
Pair<A,B> Man this is embarrassing.
ServletLoggingOutput An implementation of LoggingOutput that sends stuff to the Servlet.log stream.
SwallowingHttpServletResponse Used by ExecutionContext to forward results back via javascript.
SystemOutLoggingOutput An implementation of LoggingOutput that sends stuff to System.out
VersionUtil Interface to the system version info file.
WriterOutputStream This is not the evil hack you are looking for.

Enum Summary
UserAgent This is simply a list of strings that pop-up in user-agent values, that we may wish to switch on

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